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Tapping Finger Tutorial !

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I wrote this tutorial because I feel it is simple and it helps you to animate and to also use the deformation tool or Pick as it is called in the newer versions of PSP....This kind of lesson can help in many other kinds of animations !

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Book Download

1. Open your PSP program....Locate the book and copy it and open Animation Shop and Paste as New Animation....


2. Go back to PSP and using the Freehand Tool, Feather - 1 , Antialis Checked, surround the index finger like shown below !

Selections, Copy and Paste As New Image..Put it aside for now !



3. Hit the Delete Key...Selections None..

4 Select the Clone Tool and clone the area where the finger was so when we bring it up

to tap it,,you will not see the white area underneath...

I did not completely fill in the area, but if you want to.....its fine !

5. Now, go back to the finger put aside and copy and paste it as new layer and fit it

just right into the hand !

6. Choose the Deformation Tool and hold down the Ctrl & Shift Keys together

and drag the right hand corner

upwards....go back into Animation Shop,,Paste after current frame...

Edit, Select All - Animation, Frame Properties and set the speed to 24...

7. View Animation and you are done !


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