Animating a Skater If you need this page translated, click on the picture above to go to the Translator Page.. Copy and paste the url of my tutorial page to the Translator and choose the language..Click Translate.. Supplies here: Skater Penguin/Graphic

1. Open the background graphic you are using.

2. Copy and paste the tube of choice or the one I supplied to the background graphic. *I did not tube it, so please leave the entire tube as is with the tuber's name, etc.* 3. Open up Animation Shop. In PSP, copy merged and paste as New Animation in Animation Shop. 4. Go back to PSP.. Move the skater slightly forward like shown below. Copy merged and go to Animation Shop and paste after current frame.. 5. Again, move the skater forward... Repeat the copy merged, paste after current frame in AS. 6. Continue moving the skater forward until you get to the end..When you are at the end ready to make the turn, go to Image, Mirror..The skater will move so you need to place it back on the turn.. 7. Continue moving the skater along slightly --- copy merged and paste after current frame in Animation Shop... Again when you come to the turn, Mirror and place the skater where it should be.. Select All in Animation Shop and go to Animation, then Frame Properties and change it to 20...This changes the speed of the animation... That's it... I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! The little girl skating in the animation below was part of the graphic..If you want to do something like this.. all you do is by using your freehand tool you surround the girl as close as you can get it and copy and paste it as a new image.. Then delete her from the graphic..Now you have to clone the area using the Clone Tool..Paste the girl back as a new layer and use the same tutorial as above.. :-)

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