You can download the racoon here: Racoon 1. Open a new image 400 X 400 Transparent. 2. Add a New Raster Layer and type your name using Comic Sans MS - Size 48 - ALL CAPS. Foreground Color #000000 __ Background Color #DEA57B 3. Place the text about 3/4 of the way down as shown below... We need room for the racoon to jump... 4. Add a new Raster Layer 5. Copy Merged and open up Animation Shop. 6. Paste as new animation in AS..Paste it again 4 more times, then select all and copy and paste until you have 19 frames....If you do it this way, you will have to delete one frame.. Just highlight a frame and click delete on the keyboard ! 7. Go to Frame 9 and delete it.. Now make sure you use your pointer and highlight Frame 8...Okay, now let's go back into PSP... Click inside the square to surround the last letter of your name...Now click on your deformation tool and go the center node and pull down like below: Click on the mover tool or any other tool to get rid of the deformation tool.. Copy merged and paste it after frame 8 in AS replacing frame 9 that was deleted... 8. Open up the racoon animation...Select All, copy and go back to your name click on the first frame and then select all, Propogate Paste and paste it on the first letter of your name.... View the animation and make sure it is placed correctly..You can always undo the pasting and redo.. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! Kath's Tutorial Korner © 2000-2008 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs*