This tutorial was inspired by my mom. She and my cousin's little boy would play all the time by jumping and he would call her "Jumping Jennie" *Lil Girl Tube Here* If you need this page translated, highlight and copy the url and paste it in the Translator at the below link: Choose the language you want it translated to and click Go... Webpage Translator Okay, Let's Begin ! 1. Open a new transparent image 200 X 200 2. Copy and paste the Lil' Girl to it.... 3. Edit, Copy and open up Animation Shop and Paste it as a new animation..... 4. Using the freehand tool, surround the jump rope carefully like shown below..Zoom in so you can see what you are doing.. After you have it surrounded, click on the blank part of the workspace and make sure you have the magic wand selected in the toolbar..... This will select just the jump rope.... Now click on your deformation tool and grab the center node and pull it forward a bit.... Click on the blank image again and then selections none.. Go to Image, Mirror, then Edit, Copy and go to Animation Shop and paste it after current frame..... 5. Go back to PSP and click on Edit, Undo Select None and your jump rope should be active...... Click on deformation tool again, and drag forward again ! Click on blank workspace again,,,Selections None..... and then go to Image, Mirror,,Copy and paste in Animation shop after current image.... Now, go to View, Animation and she should be jumping rope ! Save As and that's it ! :-) © 2005 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs* Kath's Korner