Animating a Flame There are many ways to animate a flame, but this is my version and I think its pretty quick and simple ! Let's get started.... 1. Choose the candle of your choice or use mine,, 2. **If you are using a graphic use your clone tool to clone over the flame** Graphic before cloning
 After Cloning Over the Flames
3. Using the freehand tool again, draw the shape of a flame the size of your liking... like below...**Hold down the shift key while drawing each flame if you use a graphic with more than one candle** 4. Go to Effects and choose Eye Candy 3 and choose Fire.. These are the settings that I used..

Click Ok .. Selections None. Open up Animation Shop... Copy and Paste the Candle as New Animation.. 5. Go back to Paint Shop Pro... Edit, Undo Select None, Undo Fire, *keeping the freehand flame you drew* then open Eye Candy 3, Fire, and just change the random seed by moving the slider bar either way... Selections None, copy and paste the candle in AS.. Edit, Paste After current frame.. Repeat Step 5 changing the random seed and copying and pasting after current frame in AS.. You can change the speed of the animation to 15.. Edit, Select All, Animation Properties - 15... That's it.... Hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! :-) You can also try changing the flame color like below..I used a pale yellow for the outer color and white for the inner color

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