If you need this page translated, highlight and copy the text and then paste it to the text translator at the Icon below ! You will need KPT5 for this tutorial and the Cool Kitchen Preset.. I have included the JPG images COOL KITCHEN Place both in the KPT5/Goodies/Environment Maps


1. Open a Transparent Image 400X400

2. Using your Selection Tool , choose circle from the Tool Options Box.. 3. Make a circle and using the flood fill tool fill the lens with white.. I made my circle the size below..You can make the lens as large or small as you like.. The shape can also be changed,,I used a circle just to illustrate this tutorial !

4. Now go the Edit, Copy and then Paste as New Selection to make the other circle.. Line up the new selection evenly next to the original lens leaving some space in between...

5. Now hold down your shift key and using your Magic Wand, select the circle on the left clicking in the center of it.. Now both circles should have marching ants around them. 6. Go to KPT5 and select Shapeshifter. Go to the Environment Box Click on the arrow pointing down and choose Import Environment Map...If u have not used KPT5 before, then you will need to locate your KPT5 Folder and find the Cool Kitchen preset...Mine is in a folder called Goodies and then the sub folder EnvMaps.. Click on either of the Cool Kitchen presets and it will return you to the previous screen..Now you should see your box with this in it ***Left click under the word Plastic... This will bring up a color chart,, You can choose the color you wish now .. I chose a gray color..***

7. Click on the Main Shape Box

By dragging the slider bar on the Bevel Scale and Bevel Height, you change the appearance of the circles...

The settings I chose are above.. Once you get the circles to look the way you like, click on the check mark in the lower right hand corner and it will bring you back to PSP.. Your circles should now look like this...

8. Now go to Layers, then Properties... We are just changing the Opacity here from 100 to 60...Click OK and you will see that your circles become transparent..

Picture of circles after changing opacity below...

Go to Selections,, Select None

9. Go to Layers then New Raster Layer, then Click OK.

10. Using the Preset Shapes Tool, choose Circle and use these settings..

Shape Type - Circle Line Width - 8 Style - Stroked Antialias - Checked Starting at the center of your circle, create another circle around it so that it fits around it to make a rim for the lens as illustrated here..

Then I took it to Bladepro and used the lizard preset..*You can use whatever preset you like*...or use another filter of your choice such as Eye Candy, etc.

Now go to Edit, Copy and then paste as New Selection over the rim of the other lens... Now it will look like this.... Go to Selections, Select None.. Go to Layers and Merge Visible

11. Go to the Draw Tool
and in the Tool Options Box
Choose these settings...

Shape Type - Bezier
Line Width - 8
Antialias - Checked

Draw a straight line in the center of the 2 circles
with the Bezier Line Tool and then move the cursor
just a little itty bit to the left of the center and
drag it upwards pulling from the center to arch
it and then drag it again pulling from the center
again but this time going a little itty bit
to the right
and you will then see that you have curved it...

It will now look like this Using the Magic Wand, select it and bring it to Bladepro again *or whatever you may have used on it* to apply your filter... We're getting there :-) 12. Create a new Raster Layer... We are now going to make the Wires so the glasses can hang over your ears,,,LOL Choose the Draw Tool Type - Single Line Style - Line Tool Width - 8 Antialias - Checked Draw a line at about a 75 degree angle like below... Now we need to make the little curved thingy at the end to hang over the ears, so using the Draw Tool again with the same settings as before draw a short line from the left bottom edge of the original line at a slight angle... You can also use the Bezier Tool and just curve the end...

Select this wire with your Magic Wand and again bring it to Bladepro or whatever you used for a filter.. Go to Edit, Copy and Paste it as a New Selection and then go to Image and then Mirror....Now make sure your Mover Tool is Selected and move this new wire over the other one to criss-cross it... At this point, you can hide your wire layers and merge the other layers visible...Then hide the merged layer and merge the 2 wires vivisble... Then on the layer palette, just drag the wires under the eyeglasses layer..

Voila ! You have a pair of eyeglasses ! :-) Save it as a JPG or a Tube ! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it ! Below are eyeglasses saved as a Tube in PSP format. I made these without rims... It shows the transparency more when saved as a tube and applied to a colored background.. It is also a smart thing to save your creations as Tubes so you can use them again in the future !

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