1. Open a new work area to the size needed for your Text..I used 300X300 Transparent for the Drop Shadow Glow tag above. 2. Next, Choose Black or a dark color of your choice for the background...Use the Flood Fill Tool to fill your work area.... 3. Choose your Text Tool and click on your work area...Type in the text you wish to use and and choose the color of your text ...I have chosen white for the header tag above and used a Bladepro preset. 4. Go to Image, Effects, Drop Shadow.. Use these Settings I used a shade of purple for the color.. You may choose whatever color you like but choose a pale color..Pale Colors work better ! Apply the Drop Shadow Effect two *2* more times and you will see the Glow behind the lettering !! That's it,,,, You have a Drop Shadow Glow Effect ! :-) Kath'sTutorials © 2000 - 2008 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs*