Copper Bowl using KPT 5 Shapeshifter This is the bowl we will be making.. If you need this page translated, highlight and copy the text and then paste it to the text translator at the Icon below ! You will need the following downloads for this tutorial Cool Kitchen download Extract cool kitchen to your KPT5 Goodies Folder,,Create one if you have to My Copper Preset download Extract copper preset to KPT5-Presets-Shapeshifter folder Inner Bowl Fill Save to a folder of your choice 1. New Image - 400 X 400 2. Use the Preset Shapes Tool Ellipse.. Foreground-Null........ Background -White Draw a large oval shape You can resize it later! 3. Using the Selection Tool/Rectangle, draw a rectangle around the Oval and then click inside...Now go to KPT5 Shapeshifter... 4. In Shapeshifter, click on the Environments Arrow and find the Cool Kitchen goodie folder and choose Cool Kitchen... Click on the button on the bottom left of the screen .... 5. Now you should see Copper1-KB on the Screen...and also the preset picture...Click on the preset picture and click the checkmark in the lower right hand side.. Click the checkmark again at the lower right and exit KPT 5... Deslect.. 6. Add a new Raster Layer.... Preset Shapes Tool - Ellipse - Line Width - 10 Background - Null Foreground - White Draw an oval on top of the bowl.....Try to fit it as close as u can..You can adjust it with the deformation tool.... Use the Selection Tool, Rectangle and draw around the Rim, then click inside to select it...Use a Bladepro preset of your choice or a gradient fill or whatever you like... Use the deformation tool to get the Rim to fit just right if needed...Should look like below... 7. Make your bowl layer active... and using the Eraser, erase any white Above the rim and Inside of the rim... Merge Layers Visible 8. Open the Inner Fill from the download.. Select the interior of the bowl with the Magic Wand, Selections, Modify by 2.. Then copy and paste the Fill INTO the Selection.. 9. Add a Raster Layer and using the Air Brush... Color #AD7C5B Settings: Shape - Round Size - 25 Hardness - 50 Opacity - 60 Step - 25 Density - 25 Using the air brush, draw a little shading on the interior..Then go to Blur, Gaussian Blur, Radius - 12 This will give it some shading...Go to Noise and add 6% - Uniform That's It ! Save as a Tube or save as jpg.. Decorate it any way you like,,U can use dingbats on the copper or flowers like I did.. I hope you had fun and enjoyed this tut ! :-) To make the one below, I just added flowers inside and also made another ellipse with KPT 5 Shapeshifter *same as for bowl instructions* and placed it under the bowl layer ! Kath's Tutorial Korner © 2000 - 2008 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs*