~Butterfly Fairy Nametag~         


This tutorial is not hard to do and is repetitive..After doing a couple of the letters, you will fly through this tutorial.. :-) You will need the zip with the fairy and the font I used and also the inner bevel preset...I have included the PSP 7 bevel preset and the PSP 8 bevel preset.... You can use a fairy of your choice if you have one and a font of your choice also.... I am placing them here for your convenience ! Place the bevel preset in the Presets Folder in Paint Shop Pro... Zip Below Butterfly Fairy Nametag Okay, let's begin..Have fun ! 1. Open a new image 500 X 300..You may need to make it wider depending on the length of your name.. 2. Fill the background with black or white or or a color of your choice.... **This tutorial was written using a colored background** Add a new Raster Layer...Add the first letter of your name using a color of your choice...Effects, Inner Bevel...Use the Initial Bevel-KB that you downloaded... Create a New Raster Layer and add the second letter of your name...Repeat the Inner Bevel... Continue adding the new layers and beveling and finish your name.. Stagger the letters up and down like shown below... Copy and paste the fairy as a new Layer and place her on the first letter of your name....I resized the fairy at 65%... Effects, Sharpen Merge All Layers Visible, Copy and paste and open Animation Shop..Edit, Paste as New Animation.. *This is the first frame* Go back to PSP and unmerge layers... 3. Move the fairy to the second letter of your name placing her comfortably....Click on the second letter and go to Colors, Colorize...Change the color....Just play with the hue to obtain different colors...Depending how heavy you want the saturation, the higher you set the number the deeper the color....I had my saturation set to 50...*This is your choice* Layers, Merge Visible, Edit, Copy and Paste after current frame in Animation Shop... *This is the second frame* Go back to PSP and unmerge the layers.... 4. Repeat step 3 moving on to the next letter in your name until you are at the last letter... 5. With the Fairy active, go to Image, Mirror.. Okay, she probably jumped to the other side of the graphic,,just grab her and place her back on the last letter of your name....Click on the letter and change the color......Layers, Merge Visible, Copy and Paste after current frame in Animation Shop...Go back to PSP and unmerge layers... Continue doing this until you get to the first letter of your name... 5. Go to Animation Shop and go to Edit, Select All Animation, Animation Properties and change the Display Time to 40...If you want her to move slower, increase this number..To move her faster, decrease the number... 6. Click on the Crop Tool ..Now the word Options has been activated just above ..Click on Options and click on Surround the Animated Area...Then click on the word Crop... 7. Let's see the animation..Go to View, Animation.. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.... A Special Thank You for testing this tutorial... Diva Barbie Wendy Lana Garden Angel Sheila © 2000 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs* Kath's Korner