Creating a Box of Roses If you need this page translated, highlight and copy the text and then paste it to the text translator at the Icon below ! Tutorial created in PSP 7 but can be done in other versions ! 1. Open a New Image 500X400..Transparent 2. Using your Selections Tool , make a Rectangle like the one below 3. Choose a color of your choice to fill the box.. I chose a shade of gold... 4. Now go to Effects, Texture Effects, Texture I chose Texture #18....Again, this is your choice Deselect 5. Go to Inner Bevel and use the settings below 6. Go to Edit, Copy Make a New Raster Layer and paste the copied selection and line it up like below 7. Create a New Raster Layer for the side of the Box... Make a small rectangle anywhere on the work area... Fill it with the same color and take it to Texture again using the same texture and then to Inner Bevel using the previous settings.. Click on the Deformation Tool and hold down the Shift & Ctrl Keys and drag the corners to make it fit.. If you need to line it up more,,go to the Layer Palette and just by pointing at the layers on the palette you will see the picture of that layer that needs to be moved...I clicked Layer 2 which is the back of the box to move it over slightly to line it up... Go to Edit, Copy and Paste the side panel Add a new Raster Layer and paste it to the left side of the box It will look like below Deselect and go to the Layer Palette and move this Layer under Layer 2... You may need to use the deformation tool again to line it up... 8. Now its time to add the Flowers... Get the roses or flowers you wish to place in the box and make Layer 2 Active by clicking on it.. Now copy and paste your flowers inside the box *The box is not merged, so watch out that they don't stick out through the sides*.. Now go to Image, Rotate, 40 degrees to the left and then go to Effects, Sharpen.. Keep placing the roses inside the box ... Should look something like below Layers, Merge Visible If you look closely at the right side of the box there are a few jaggies,,,just take the eraser tool and carefully erase those jaggies.... 9. Create a New Raster Layer... Using the Selection Tool, create a Rectangle for the top of the box anywhere on the work area.... Fill it with the same texture and, but change the Inner Bevel Settings as shown below Deselect and move this layer under the Merged Layer to place it behind the box Go to Image, Rotate, 30 degrees to the left... Add a bow... and You've Got a Box of Roses :-) © 2000-2007 *Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs* Kath's Tutorial Korner Kath's Korner