CREATING A DANCING BALLERINA        If you need this page translated, click on the graphic above to go to the Translator Page... Copy and paste the url of the page to the Translator and choose your language.... You can download the Box I used and decorate it any way you like or use a box of your own... I just included the ballerina, box and sparkle tube for your convenience ! Ballerina,Box & Sparkle Oh,,,by the way, you can turn the music off at the bottom of the page...I just had to play something for this ballerina to dance to ! :-) 1. To start, open up the Ballerina and the Box You can minimize them or just drag them to the side... 2. Now Open a new work area Size - 250 X 340 Transparent 3. Get the Box and paste it on the new work area and place it toward the bottom so there will be room for the Ballerina. Selections-None 4. Go to Layers, New Raster Layer and name it Ballerina, then click OK... 5. Copy and paste the Ballerina to the top of the box.. 6. Add New Raster Layer and name it Stars1..Copy and paste the stars randomly.. Go to Layers, Merge Visible 7. Go to File, Save As and save this frame in PSP Format and name this frame Ballerina1 8. Now go to Edit, and Undo Merge Layers 9. Make a new Raster Layer and name it Stars 2... copy and paste more stars in different areas... Now hide Layer Stars 1 and make the layer named Ballerina Active... Go to Image, Mirror *the Ballerina will move*...Go to Layers Merge visible... 10. Go to File, Save As and save this frame in PSP Format and name this frame Ballerina2 11. Go to Edit and Undo Merge Layers.. Add a New Layer and name it Stars 3 and add more stars.... Hide Layers Stars 1 and Stars 2, Make the Ballerina Layer Active.. and go to Image, Mirror....Go to Layers, Merge Visible,,Now Go to File and save this frame in PSP Format and name this frame Ballerina 3.. 12. Okay,,now we are ready to see her animated..Go to File, Animation Shop.. Now go to Animation Wizard and click okay until you get to the screen where you will add the frames...At that point,,just find the frames you saved and holding down your Ctrl Key highlight the 3 of them starting with Ballerina3...then Ballerina2 and then Ballerina 1 Click OK 13. Now go to View, then Animation.. and you should see your animation.. If all looks good to you,,then go to Save As and name it and your animation is done.. You should have a Dancing Ballerina !! :-) I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! *© 2000 Kath's Tuts & Graphic Designs* Want to try another tutorial, click on the link below !

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