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Animating A Pig's Nose
*learning how to animate certain areas only*
This tutorial can be done with any graphic you like..
It is just to give you the basic idea !

Tutorial Written by:
Littl 1 17@ aol.com


1. Open the graphic you want to use..
I will be using the pig...lol
Hit Shift D to make a new copy and close out
the other one..
Now go to File, SAVE AS and save this first
pic as pig1..It will be saved in psp format...Remember
where you are saving your files to..You will need
to locate them in Animation Shop..

2. Choose your Freehand Tool

and zoom in by 1 or whatever you need to see
the area you want to trace around..
Trace around the snout of the pig like illustrated

3. Now copy and paste as new image and set
it aside for now..

4. Click Delete on the Keyboard..Selections None..

5. Go to the image you set aside and copy and paste
as new selection ....Place it slightly below as illustrated..

There is some white area above the nose..
Choose your Dropper Tool
and choose the color that will blend the white
chose the light cream color of the pig and also the
reddish coloring on the nose...Then using your painbrush,,,color it in like


6. Now go to File, SAVE AS and save this
as pig2...

7...Open Animation Shop...
Go to File, Jasc Software Products, then
Launch Animation Shop...

8. Go to File, Animation Wizard and just click until
you get to the Blank Window that says Add Image..
Click on Add Image and find the 2 pig files you saved..
Choose pig 2 first then pig1...then click open..
Then Next and Finish..

9. Go to View and then Animation and you should see
the pig's snout animate...

10. Go to File, Save As..Give your animation a name
and continue along and you have an Animation..


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